Service Network

Shenzhen Tao Tao automation equipment Limited by Share Ltd
Address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Longhua Dalang Huarong Ludetai science and Technology Industrial Park Building No. 8
Zip code: 518109
Telephone: 0755-86238722
Fax: 0755-86238633
Email: maeket@
URL: //www.
Customer service hotline: 0755-86238643/86238842
Singapore subsidiary
Address: No. ten Singapore TechPlace Ang Mo Kio, the 1 Industrial Zone 4008, floor 2, No. 3
Zip code: 569625
Tel: 006564592050
Huizhou subsidiary
Address: room four, building, office building, management committee, high tech Development Zone, Huizhou
Tel: 13510346200
Constant drill company
Address: Shenzhen Baoan District City Shiyan Street Community in paddy field huilongda Industrial Park plant B a building on the eastern side
Tel: 86117221